Upon This Rock, I Shall Build My Church

In this finite world of ours, there are few things that can be characterized as withstanding the test of time.  But the rock, yes – that “rock” upon which Jesus built upon his Holy Catholic Church, now that is time tested! 

It is fascinating to observe the wrath that comes forward when Peter and the early church are referenced.  In a recent @Catholic_Bros IG post, there was much wrath, gnashing of teeth and anger coming at us.  Why?  Because we unapologetically made reference that the Catholic Church was established at the time of St. Stephen’s stoning, which presumably in 36 A.D. This is not such an outrageous claim. Indeed, there was one Pope, ten Bishops and holy sacraments in place. The Church, indeed was built.

A moral of the story;  we are not much different today that during the times of Jesus.  People are angry just as they were angry then.  They seek out to reasons to discredit and undermine the truth.  Yes – That “Truth”…the Way, The Truth and the Life.

May we all stand strong and peaceful in the face of anger.

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