The 7 Sacraments of the Catholic Church

A brief overview of the seven sacraments of the Catholic Church:

The sacrament through which one becomes a member of the Church, cleansed from original sin, and initiated into the Christian faith. Water is used as a symbol of purification and rebirth.

This sacrament strengthens and deepens the grace received at baptism, empowering the recipient with the gifts of the Holy Spirit to live out their faith courageously and bear witness to Christ.

The source and summit of the Christian life, where Catholics receive the body and blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ under the appearances of bread and wine. It nourishes our souls and unites us with Christ and with one another.

Through the confession of sins to a priest and receiving absolution, Catholics are reconciled with God and the Church, experiencing the mercy and forgiveness of Christ.

This sacrament provides spiritual healing and strength to those who are seriously ill or in danger of death, offering comfort, grace, and forgiveness of sins.

Through the laying on of hands by a bishop, men are ordained as deacons, priests, or bishops, to serve the Church and minister the sacraments, particularly the Eucharist and reconciliation.

A sacred covenant between a baptized man and woman, symbolizing the union of Christ and the Church. Through this sacrament, spouses are empowered to love one another as Christ loves the Church and to raise children in the faith.

Each sacrament is a tangible encounter with the grace of God, drawing believers closer to Him and enriching their journey of faith.

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