4 Strategies to Keep Your Kids Catholic

As parents and grandparents, the struggle is real with how to properly catechize our kids beyond formal Catholic education. Keep the faith! Below are 4 Strategies to Keep Kids Catholic…


There is no replacing the power and strength of the 7 Sacraments of the Catholic Church. Do your best to keep the Sacraments alive and well in your family life – especially Holy Communion and Reconciliation. If you have fallen away, do not despair. Jesus is the Good Shepherd and He is constantly seeking out all of His sheep. Find creative ways to educate on why the Sacraments are important, where they come from, and what they provide for us in our lifelong spiritual journey.


If you saw our recent Reel, 5 Good Minutes, we discussed how making time for family prayer everyday – even 5 minutes – can make all the difference.

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Not a surprise that the vast majority of media infiltrating our homes is garbage. Be intentional about sifting through the noise and distraction. Make available positive media options such as Catholic books on your shelf. You may also choose to unapologetically broadcast Catholic podcasts and TV shows throughout your home that will assist in offsetting the negative media messages.


Nothing speaks louder than words than leading by example. Be the light of Christ in your own home. Focus on deepening your own faith and your kids will take notice. They are perhaps more observant than you think.

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